Our Candy Land Party

Our Candy Land Party

I was looking for an easy theme and I definitely found it, Candy Land was so fun and simple to plan and execute, and the kids loved it (duh!). My girls keep asking if they can have a candy themed party again.

My goal here was a fun kids party that would be easy to execute, without spending excessively. 

We held the party in my in-laws garden again (if it ain't broke...) and I tried to make sure the party was all about the candy.

Budget Tip - I try to spread the party cost over a few months by starting the planning process well in advance. That way you can buy the candy and decor items over several months, it makes the actual birthday month manageable.

The Outfits

I found the rainbow tutu's at The Party Spot at Northgate, the tops were from Jet (I spotted the from the window as I was walking past) they were so cheap. I didn't bother with shoes because - summer!
We also painted our nails in pastel candy colors for a extra bit of fun.


Giant Candies

We hung these giant candies up in the trees at the entrance of the party. 

They are so easy to make and they looked pretty awesome. They are all over Pinterest and I can't take credit for them. 
We used the lanterns from our Shimmer And Shine Party

Simply cover the lanterns with clear cellophane (I also had a huge supply of this left over from a prior project - yay!) and use ribbon on the ends to give it a candy look.

The Pinata 

We had to have a pinata at our Candy Party obviously. Our pinata was from Westpack and the girls insisted on a Shimmer and Shine pinata - sigh! 
I filled it with a few toys from The Party Spot and some candy and also confetti for a bit of pizzazz.

The kids really battled to break the thing. Adult help was required, cannot believe how hard it was to break something that is made to be broken.

The whistles may not have been my cleverest idea 😃

The Photo Wall

For some reason I didn't take a photo of the photo wall and this was the project that I spent the longest amount of time on. Super annoying! 
That is how it goes with parties though, you spend so much time working to prepare for them and you are so busy on the day that you often miss things in terms of photos. I am considering a photographer for our next party.

I made the background from colored paper that I cut into circles by hand and then taped onto long strips of ribbon. The ribbon could then be attached to the wall with prestick on the day.

I have reused the circles for Vanna's sight word caterpillar in our school room!

I also had some helium balloons brought it, 7 balloons in a rainbow colored bouquet on each side of the wall and a large number balloon on top, 4 for Vanna and 6 for Kesia. You can just see the balloons in the photo. 

I had some photo props printed out as well.

The Candy Table

The candy table was the main feature of the party and I wanted it to really say "Candy Land" - I think I succeeded.

For the middle of the table to create height I used glass vases filled with dyed rice (much cheaper than filling them with candy). 

To die rice:

  • simply place it in a ziplock bag with 1 tablespoon of vinegar 
  • and a few drops of food coloring 
  • shake it up and then pour it out onto a tray to dry out

I made lollipops out of felt and some small tissue paper pom poms for my center pieces. The felt gingerbread people were my special touch.

I tried to use a fun assortment of jars and bowls to keep the candy in, to add interest to the table and catch the eye. The cupcake cookie jar I've had for years.

I used a white tablecloth to show up all the colours of the candy and sprinkled the tablecloth with tiny colourful pom poms and candy necklaces for some fun.

I found the popcorn boxes at The Party Spot and I had to have them so I filled some with popcorn and the rest I used to hold things like plastic cutlery and photo props.

The most important thing was to make sure that we had enough candy to justify calling it a Candy Land party and I think we nailed it.

I made the cupcakes.

Top Tip:

Keep the candy floss in the plastic bags! I put ours out in bowls and it melted down to mush within an hour. Huge party fail!

The Party Favors

Because of the abundance of candy and because I did not want to end up having a ton of candy leftover I decided to provide the guests with empty boxes that they could fill with candy to take home. 

The Food

We did not want to spend the party working the braai and so for the first time we went with platters. The clubhouse of our complex made them and they were super nice platters. We had two fruit platters (how great do they look) and four savoury platters.

As usual tons of bottled water and juice.

 The Cake

I had this wonderful idea to make my own ice cream cake and then as time grew closer to the party I decided to rather order an ice cream cake from Milky Lane and then decorate it myself. So I ordered the ice cream cake without any decoration - a very baffling thing to do apparently - the staff thought I was nutty.

Sadly the ice cream cake melted a bit by the time it arrived home and the decorations ended up looking a hot mess and so I would chalk this cake up as a fail - but it tasted good so there is that!

Anyways, hope you found some inspiration here for your kiddies party! We really enjoyed this one.

With love,


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