How To Rock At Braiding Your Own Hair

How To Rock At Braiding Your Own Hair

I recently participated in a 30 day challenge on Instagram, it was a braiding challenge created by the amazing Abby of @twistmepretty and it went so well! 
I actually learned how to braid my own hair.


I could sort of braid before the challenge.
I could do some pretty braids in my girls hair, french and dutch braids mostly. I could also do very simple braiding in my hair but it was a nightmare and I had no idea what I was doing really.

After the challenge I feel confident that I can pull of the four main braiding styles - French, Dutch, Fishtail and Waterfall. 

It is obviously easier to braid my girls hair, but with all the practice I was getting doing a braid every day for a month (and several times a day as well, to get it right) I am totally able to braid my own hair now.

It is possible!

All you need is patience and practice (and strong arms)!

Abby's videos are super helpful and packed with useful tips and tricks. She is such a joyful person and her videos are super cute and fun.

Some things I learned:

  • Before this challenge I had no idea that you could pull on your braids to thicken them up
  • Hairspray or texture spray helps to make your hair 'sticky' so your braid stays in
  • Don't be afraid to bobby pin your braid in place
  • Dirty hair is a braiders friend
  • Mirrors are confusing - avoid them

Check out Abby's YouTube account Twist Me Pretty and give it a go, she will have you braiding your hair in no time.

It is so nice to be able to do beautiful things with your hair!

Although I'm not going to lie, I am looking forward to a few days of doing absolutely nothing with my hair šŸ™‚

With Love,


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