Our Kindness Rocks

Our Kindness Rocks

One message at just the right moment can change someones entire day, outlook, life

This is the mission statement of The Kindness Rocks Project which encourages people to leave inspirational rocks for others to find.

When I heard about this super amazing initiative (that is apparently pretty big in Cape Town right now) I had to give it a go!

Imagine just going about your day and stumbling across a pretty painted rock just laying in your path to brighten up your day.

If it makes you smile, its done it's job!

The girls and I set about collecting some rocks, gave them a wash and got to work painting. We used loads of color and the girls had so much fun with the painting - a lot of love went into their creations.

I wrote some words on a few of them but for the most part I wanted to leave it up to the 'finder' to interpret the meaning of the rock. If that makes sense? 

To some people it may be a reminder of the beauty and joy in the simple things in life, to others it may be a sign that someone out there cares, and so on.

Anyway, now that our rocks are out in the world it is out of our hands and we hope they serve their purpose and make a small difference in the lives of a few people. 

I chose not to include my Instagram details on the rocks, I wanted it to be an anonymous thing. Maybe in future we'll do it a little differently so that we can see if our rocks find a home.

We will definitely be doing more of these.
The world needs more kindness.

Why don't you give it a go, spread a little love and compassion and beauty into your community. It'll be fun!

With love,


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