At Home In Harties - Wimpy Schoemansville

At Home In Harties - Wimpy Schoemansville

I thought I'd do some posts featuring my hometown - it is kinda special and there are so many wonderful places that are worth a visit!

This was my first choice. You won't find a prettier Wimpy in the country - well I haven't.



  • Typical quick Wimpy service (they know what you want as you walk through the door).
  • Great (and big) coffee.
  • Enormous play area.
  • Beautiful outdoor garden area.
  • Friendly staff.
  • It's Wimpy - you know what the food will be like.
  • They have really upped their vegetarian game!
  • Retro Wimpy style we all know and love.

  • vegans - you'd better like chips!
  • ...or baked beans or mushrooms.

We adore this Wimpy!
So great for a quick Sunday breakfast, the kids love it and it is typically very quiet until the churches come out.


Say No To The Straw!

If you are ever in my hometown, I'd recommend it.

With love,


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